My Failed Interview with Yoko Ono...

I really don't need to go into how shitty this interview was. It speaks for itself in volumes. The whole thing was pretty much a front to get her to answer various Beatles-related questions. It shows. Also, for the record, I am NOT a fan of hers. I just wanted to ask her a few Beatles-related questions. To add some filler to an otherwise horrific interview I have posted my own comments in italic.

1. How did you and John first meet?

In a gallery where I had my art show on.

2. What would you classify your musical style as?

Mercurial. *Really? Because I would classify it as bullshit.

3. What are your thoughts on the musical landscape of today as compared to the one from 20 or 30 years ago?

Vast. *Wow!

4. There are still people saying that you were the reason The Beatles broke up. What would you say to those people?

The four brilliant boys always decided and did what they wanted to do, not what they were told to do. *No shit! That's why they were brilliant and you're not.

5. Your favorite song(s)?

Many songs of the family: Lennon/McCartney, Harrison, Ringo Starr, Julian and Sean.

6. How does it feel to know that even in death, John is making as big an impact on our culture as he did back in the 60's and 70's?

I am not surprised. *Way to be deep.

7. What are your thoughts about the recent advent of people practically no longer buying CDs and instead using iPods and MP3 players?

"Follow where the horse goes." *???

8. Do you feel that music should be free, or should we still pay for it?

We can always pass a hat around. *Again, ???

9. If John were still alive today, what would he think about the world today and the big issues affecting it?

He would have been very concerned. *About?